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Thank you for your interest in our Senior Model Search!  If selected, we have a few requirements of our models.  Please look over the following information, and let me know if you have any questions.  

First and foremost, we want these photo sessions to be FUN!!  We like our seniors to be creative and welcome any ideas that you have. For these model photoshoots, we choose days that we can have 2-4 models with us, which usually makes everyone more relaxed. We allow 1-2 outfit changes per senior.  Parents are absolutely welcomed and encouraged to come! We also encourage our models to find 1-2 other photogenic senior friends to model with them.  We have found in the past that our seniors are more relaxed and have a better time when they can choose friends as part of their shoot rather than me placing other seniors with them. (Please NOTE: The senior friends that you choose to accompany you will have the same requirements and must fill out this form as well.)  It becomes an experience of making memories! The key is being relaxed and working well with others.  

Our incentives and information are as follows:
1.  FREE Senior Model Session:  The photoshoot is absolutely free!  Normally our sitting fees for our seniors are $50-$75 depending on locations and amount of time needed.  

2.  Just for being our senior model, you will receive a Session Discount for digital rights!  You will also receive gift cards for sharing your positive experience with other seniors in your school! (Details given out at your photoshoot.)

While we are giving you a free session, and other discounts and incentives, we do ask that our senior models use this as their senior portrait session and spend a minimum of $75 on pictures (either prints or digital rights.)  We feel this is fair considering the value of free and discounted pictures we will be offering to you.  You will get to choose your pictures from a password protected gallery on our website.  Anyone with your password can view/order.  
We also ask that if you are selected as one of our Senior Models, you do not work with any other photographers with similar senior promotions.  The pictures taken at the event might be used for advertising, portfolio, displays, or any other purpose thought proper by Timeless Photography.  We encourage our seniors to use social media to help increase awareness to our Facebook page and website.  

Senior Model Program~ Timeless Photography

Thank you for completing our Senior Model Application.  I'm so excited about these upcoming sessions!! With so many entries, it might take me a few days to review the application and get back with you.  If you haven't heard a reply in 4-5 business days, please contact me again.  Thank you and I hope to capture Timeless Moments for you in the future! 


Shea Beckham


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